Test Solutions is involved in the assembly of IC Test and Burn-in Sockets for semiconductor applicationsMajor equipment include auto contact inserter machines, auto contact pulling machines, XY and XYZ measure scopes, programmable optical inspection machines, and high voltage testers. Equipped with semi-automatic assembly machines, advanced test equipment and highly competent workforce, the manufacturing lines are capable of producing thousands of sockets in a day, ranging from simple designs to the most complex and sophisticated applications. The assembly of sockets is supported by a staff of engineers and supervisors to managers. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

YEC design and custom built machines for PMI’s Test Solutions Division with these  capabilities:

  • Contact pulling machine with a programmable pin pattern, speed   and  coordinates.

  • Contact inserting machine with a programmable pin pattern,  speed and coordinates.

  • Capable of cutting, inserting and pressing contacts at about 0.31 seconds per pin with pitch as small as 0.40 mm.
  • Barrel crimping machine able to crimp up to 5,000 barrels daily.