Test Solutions is involved in the assembly of IC Test and Burn-in Sockets for semiconductor applicationsMajor equipment include auto contact inserter machines, auto contact pulling machines, XY and XYZ measure scopes, programmable optical inspection machines, and high voltage testers. Equipped with semi-automatic assembly machines, advanced test equipment and highly competent workforce, the manufacturing lines are capable of producing thousands of sockets in a day, ranging from simple designs to the most complex and sophisticated applications. The assembly of sockets is supported by a staff of engineers and supervisors to managers. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

YEC design and custom built machines for PMI’s Test Solutions Division with these  capabilities:

  • Contact pulling machine with a programmable pin pattern, speed   and  coordinates.

  • Contact inserting machine with a programmable pin pattern,  speed and coordinates.

  • Capable of cutting, inserting and pressing contacts at about 0.31 seconds per pin with pitch as small as 0.40 mm.
  • Barrel crimping machine able to crimp up to 5,000 barrels daily.





PMI’s Connectors (CN) Section focuses its production line in manufacturing high quality connectors for a variety of applications such as In-Circuit Electronic, High Definition Multimedia Interface Connector, Micro SD Card Slot, Battery Holder, Male / Female Flexible Circuit Connector, Ink-Cartridge Connector, Burn-in Board Connector, Test Equipment Connector, Car Navigation System Connector and Brain Oxygen Sensor.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Equipped with fully automated assembly equipment.

  • Automotive (TS16949) standard certified production lines.

  • Can produce one hundred fifty thousand pieces of connectors a day.



Plastic Molding, Mold Grinding and Stamping comprises Parts Production Section. The division's expertise is in plastic molding processes with high precision and advanced technology, from auto loading of resin material up to injection unit, with combined dryer.  Molding process is made easy under a full automation molding system. Mold Grinding, equipped with high precision machining process , can develop products in the form of complex structure with micro holes from bare product and plastic materials. 

Manufacturing Capabilities: 

  • Fine-pitch molding capability with cavity sensor pressure application.

  • Mold various types of test and burn-in sockets with micro holes.

  • Capability to mold different kinds of connectors such as FAS/FAP and CN series.

  • Capable of stamping up to 800,000 contacts per day.



YFLEX Section focuses on the assembly of flexible circuit boards. It is an extension of Yamaichi OEM connector products designed to improve the performance of interface cables.  Yamaichi flexible printed circuit boards are designed to answer the concerns and demands of new technology which are compact, thin, mobile, and highly reliable with high quality performance.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Equipped with high speed, high precision hole punching for Flexible Printed Circuit boards.

  • Equipped with super comfortable, one touch inkjet printer panel.

  • FPC attachment to adapter using auto and semi-auto adapter machine with controlled temperature to meltdown the adhesives.

  • Non-contact automatic measurement to check adapter gap of the 1st terminal.

  • Functional testing capable of detecting micro-shorts.